Differences Between Famous Cigars

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For anyone who has tried a famous cigar brand before, the memories are unforgettable, especially of the flavor and aroma. These characteristics are primarily dependent on the wrapper and kind of filling used alongside the tobacco. But that said, the cigar type, which is a reference to the size and shape, has a remarkable contribution to how the cigar smells and tastes, not to even to mention how the character will change when the smoking. Cigars come in different shapes and sizes and they all have varying characteristics. Below are some of the various kinds of well-known cigar brands and the differences between them all:

  • Robusto (also known as Romeo Y Julieta Reserve)

Romeo and Juliet Cigars are one of the most well-known cigars in the United States and many love it for the fact that it is compact enough to be smoked for as long as 45 minutes but also big enough to contain all the most loved flavors by Cigar aficionados. The usual robust cigar is 4.75 to 5.5 inches in length and the ring gauge clocks in at around 50. For those who are introducing themselves into the world of Cigars, this is a great starting point and will leave both seasoned veterans and beginners alike satisfied.

  • Corona – Highclere Castle Edwardian

Whenever you picture the image of a cigar, you are likely thinking of a corona. It is a well-known brand in practically all the countries of the world and it measures 5.5 inches and comes with a 42 ring gauge and there is a good size proportion but that is not all. It also has a lot of flavor intensity because of the tiny diameter. These coronas are rich but also with a creamy note that oozes caramel scent.

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  • Toro –Montecristo White 

Even though it is also called the corona gorda, the toro is steadily becoming more prominent within the Cigar world. The length is approximately six inches and the ring gauge is 50+ and they are designed to be enjoyed gradually. Another interesting thing about this is that as you enjoy it, the profile of the flavor changes, and like it is with this brand, the flavor has a medium profile, more suited to those who are well versed in Cigar smoking.


  • Lancera/Panatela – Joya de Nicaragua Antano

The terms can be used interchangeably but the reference is to the same kind of cigar and it has an impressive shape. The length is around six or seven inches and there is a narrow ring gauge which is in the range of 34 and 38. These cigars can be robust based on the kind of tobacco selected. Just like the Antano Lancero which is typical Nicaraguan tobacco coming with a rich, peppery and bold profile.

  • Churchill – Cohiba Dominican

Just like the legendary British Prime Minister after whom they were named, these are huge Cohiban cigars. Around seven inches in length and a ring gauge clocking in at 50, it is a cigar to trust for that huge flavor over extended sessions. These huge Cohibas come with notes of cedar, spice, coffee, and leather. As you can see, each cigar has its profile and their own selections.

There are many characteristics that make each cigar different and each person will like a cigar better for a different reason to the next. Why not try and of the above cigars and see if you can find any different characteristics than what we have recognized.