Some schools banning mobiles in schools

banned mobiles in schools

Public and private schools are joining a mobile phone ban with the hope to reduce stress and what some of them are calling a warped views on reality.

Two schools, a private boys school named  Newington College and Shore School and Tara Anglican School for Girls, both based in Sydney, told students to keep mobile phones from the beginning of the fourth term in their lockers.

A notice issued to students said however that, Newington will allow them to briefly check messages at recess and lunch. The notice also asked parents if they need to contact their sons to do so via the school reception office.

More and more schools including Deniliquin High School are putting the ban in place as they say the constant checking of mobiles are  lowering their students concentration and heightening their  stress levels.

It has been reported by schools that the ban on  mobile phones has increased students engagement and conversation  with their peers during recess and lunchtime and has increased physical activity.