Reorganise your personal profile by Instagram

changing instagram

Instagram outlined On Nov 21 Instagram outlined  a new policy that over the next couple weeks, your personal profile is going to be rearranged.

You’ll see new icons and buttons among the updates, and new ways to navigate between all the tabs. The font size for following counts will be just slightly larger than the followers count size. They’re doing this to redirect user focus to themselves instead of to their popularity. As a matter of fact, they have moved these stats below personal bios to deflate their importance. However, your video grid and photo will not change.

You will still  be able to see mutual followers, and  textually titled tabs rather than those silly ambiguous icons.

These updates have been designed with a series of changes that they have already been implementing with the purpose of  giving users a more user-focused, authentic experience. Instagram on November 19 announced that third-party likes,  comments follows will be removed to an attempt to reduce fake activity.

It is an effort no doubt to crack down on fake user activity in a hope to provide users with an honest experience on their platform. You will need to update your Instagram over the next couple of weeks and when you do, you will find these changes will make your profile more about you as the Instagram originally intended. They say not to be worried if you have fewer likes or followers because, they probably were not the real deal anyway.