Top 5 Online Leadership Assessments

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How great a leader are you? It is easier for one to flatter himself and say I am a great leader. But the taste of the pudding is in the eating. For you to be a truly great leader you need to make an honest self-appraisal about your leadership skills. Giving a blind eye to one’s leadership efficiency might actually hinder one from making a groundbreaking stride in the field of leadership. You need to take your leadership skills to another level by taking one of the available leadership assessments online. But in other to make the best out of the available assessments, you need to be honest in answering the assessment questions available online. Let’s take a look at the top 5 leadership assessments available online.


Leadership assessments available online


train the trainer certification professional facilitationHBDI Assessments

HBDI stands for Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument. Herrmann identified that a human brain tends to think towards any of the four quadrants of the human brain. The left side of the brain is described as the logical and analytical part of the brain. The left part of the brain has two quadrants, with one part practically oriented, while the other is analytically oriented. The right side of the brain which is in charge of human emotions and imagination has two quadrants with one being more relational and the other experimental in nature. Herrmann concluded that a leader tends to think towards a particular quadrant the more. The 120 questions HBDI assessments will enable you to sure of the particular quadrant you tend to think more of as a leader. It also helps you to see why you may need to think towards other quadrants of the human brain in other for you to be a more balanced leader.

The leader of a firm can also benefit from a professional facilitation course. This can help them develop or enhance the skills necessary and get them up to date for facilitation processes and employees at their firm.


Leadership Blind Spot Assessments

This assessment helps to assess leadership areas where you are allowing your emotions to get the better of you thus blinding you from making the right judgments. These assessments are organized by Princeton Management Consulting Group. There are 10 questions in each session of this leadership assessments test. The lower your score in a grade of 5, the less likely it is that you have a blind spot. This assessment will help you to eliminate a blind spot in yourself, your team, your market, and your organization. This assessment is better suited for experienced leaders.


Gallup Strength Finder Assessments

This assessment will help your employees feel good about themselves with respect to their leadership skills. This assessment will identify their top 5 leadership strength out of a possible 30. With this, they can build on their strengths and become better leaders.


Clifton’s Strength

This leadership assessment will help you identify your strongest natural talent and ways to apply them in a more productive manner. This hour lasts for 5 hours. It is not a free assessment. But it has the merit that once you complete these 177 questions comprehensive assessments, you will discover your strongest talent. That sounds interesting.

Train the trainer certification courses can help the leader of the firm to develop new skills and use these newly developed skills to enhance their firm. This would eventually mean that the knowledge gained through this course by the leader would be imparted to managers of different teams, who would then train their team members thereby streamlining various business processes.


Hogan Assessments

This assessment is very broad and comprehensive. It is also intense and analytical. Some of the sessions covered in Hogan Assessments include:


Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI): This assessment considers the everyday personalities of the workers in a company.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS): this is 120 questions to be covered within 15 minutes: it uncovers how people behave when subjected to stress, and how an employer can manage it.

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI): this session contains 24 questions. It is actually not time. But you will be assessed based on the time other participants finish the questions in this session. Your ability to reason tactically and strategically will be unraveled based on your performance in this session.

Judgments: this judges your overall performance in all the sessions.


Taking online leadership assessments is good for you. You need to one as soon as possible.