A Memorable Photo Gallery- Tasmania

Tasmania, located in the Tasman Sea, is the only island state in Australia. It is a state in south-eastern Australia and is separated from southeast coast of Australia by the Bass Strait – just 200 kilometres away. However, you may feel that Tasmania is an entirely different world if you visit the place. Tasmania is well-known for its stunning natural wonders and forests. For instance, if you are a nature lover, the Bruny Island and Cradle Mountain should be among your must-see locations in Tasmania. Here are other Tasmanian experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Fill your photo gallery with the most remarkable memories of all times:

The Maria Island Walk

Maria Island is a small national park located off the coast of Tasmania. It is generally referred to as Australia’s own Ark of Noah probably because it’s home to several kinds of animals that you are not likely to experience anywhere else. At Maria Island, you would find rare wild animals like seals, whales, dolphins, albatross, eagles, kangaroos, wombats, and Tasmanian Devils, etc. A visit to Maria Island takes you from white sand beaches into olden forests and historical convict sites. All these options along with the luxury of the best hotels you can find in the Hobart region can ensure the perfect finish to your memorable trip.

Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs

Though there are lots of astonishing underground caves to visit in Tasmania, Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs are probably the best of all. Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs is located in the beautiful area of southern Tasmania and was discovered in 1917 by timber workers.

Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs, which is now home for a subterranean wonderland, is a natural formation of dolomite caves. It contains stone that has been wonderfully shaped by an underground running river over thousands of years ago. Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs also contain impressive stalagmites and stalactites.

There is no better way to end your vacation than swimming in the thermal springs, so ensure that you take your swimsuit along. This 28° thermal spring has some of the world’s beautiful nature views around it. As a safety tip, Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs usually have wet steps and walking paths, it is advisable that you put on comfortable closed-toe footwear.

Inverawe Native Gardens

Inverawe Native Gardens, located in Margate, is only a 15 mins distance from the often-jam-packed Hobart. Inverawe Native Gardens is the biggest landscaped native garden in Tasmania. At Inverawe Native Gardens, you can enjoy your tea on a terrace and explore 22 acres of local plants in a large variety of colours. Due to its native elements, Inverawe Native Gardens has no off-season, therefore irrespective of when you visit the site, always expect beautiful scenery. Aside from the stunning greeneries, Inverawe Native Gardens also homes about 102 varieties of birds, which include 12 species of birds that can’t be found anywhere else.

Mount Misery Walk and Nature Reserve

The awe-inspiring Mount Misery is located on the southern side of Tasmania and overlooks Huonville. Though there are many other walks to choose from in Tasmania, these walks are either easy or moderate, but Mount Misery Walk is especially majestic. The free nature walks through Mount Misery Walk would take you across 5 kilometres of waterfalls, mountaintops, grasslands, sub-alpine heathland, and incredible rainforest. Mount Misery opens from 8.30 am until dusk, but if you have plans to stay overnight, then you need to book a nearby campsite or cabin.

Sailing Around the Freycinet Peninsula

If you the type that likes getting out on water, then you wouldn’t want to leave Tasmania without enjoying kayaking around the Freycinet Peninsula. The Freycinet Peninsula, which is located on the eastern coast of Tasmania, is a beautiful spot that can be explored offshore.

If you are bold enough, then try the white-water rafting. But if you are less daring, then you can simply go kayaking. You would surely enjoy your sail inside caves and past astonishing natural cliff formations.

So if you are planning a vacation to Tasmania, don’t forget to experience these Tasmania wonders that you won’t find anywhere else.