How to make your hospital website user friendly

Optimise your hospital website

Hospitals are one of the most important institutions we have in the world today. There isn’t a city (let alone a country)  without a hospital these days. We have come so far with the help from technology and digital progress, that it is almost impossible to find any service institution without an online presence. This is most likely going to be a website page, and potentially social media accounts. Everything is being taken on to the internet to make things easier for people who are always in search of new services and products. This is why it is very important for each hospital to create user-friendly websites that can easily get their messages out and make the services known to the public.  

Having a clear and concise website can be beneficial to a hospital as more people can easily learn about them, see what the offer and get the necessary information on the site without any stress.

Below are a few steps to help make your hospital website user-friendly.  

Ask the users what they’ll like to see on the website

There’s no better way to make a great website than asking the users of the website what want on the website. Being a hospital website, people may have some specific details or information that they are looking for. It is good to know what the majority of the website users want – so that you can update it accordingly. In the same way, it is important for you to know if something is not working or is unclear to the users. 

Provide in-depth information

The website of a hospital should have in-depth information about their services and products. When a user goes to the website of a hospital, they need to see a lot of relevant information in order to stay on the site. If they can’t find what they are looking for, they’ll go somewhere else. Make sure you include important information such as booking information, drug prices and policies. By providing enough information on the website, your users can easily find out what they want, which in turns makes it easier for them to decide if they want any service from your hospital or not.  

show your sustainable efforts online

Have a page for CRS

Your company CRS efforts (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a great thing to feature on your website. People love to read about the good work you are doing for the community. For example, you might highlight the sustainable efforts your hospital has been working on. If you use renewable energy in the hospital, your customers want to know! If you support your local football team, they’d be delighted! Make sure you mention all the good work you do – to show your commitment to the community – whether it is local sports clubs or windpower initiatives to help the environment.

Fast loading website

Due to the urgency associated with hospitals,  your website needs to be able to load in lighting speed. No one likes going onto a website that loads very slowly, it’s extremely frustrating. Moreover, a hospital website should always load fast because someone might need urgent care and go on your website for important information. A user will quickly choose to go to another website if your website is loading too slowly.  

Ensure your hospital website supports a Wide Range of Devices

Another way to make a hospital website user-friendly is by ensuring that it can be used and accessed from a range of (if not all) devices. People will find it difficult to use a hospital website if they can only access it with a computer and not a phone or tablet. A hospital website should be easily accessed and use with whatever device its users may be using.  

Make Your Forms Easy to Fill

A hospital website may choose to include some forms which users can fill in order to book a date, make appointments, or just so they can get some information etc whatever the case may be a hospital website should not have lengthy forms to be filled. This is a bad decision, as people will prefer using hospital websites without long forms. Apart from the email, name and a few other details, a hospital website should not demand irrelevant information. Stick to the important ones that can easily be filled out in a couple of minutes.  

A hospital must show its friendly attitude not only physically but also through their websites.